Thursday, October 18, 2007

One cookie, Six ways

Hey there!

The last few days have been crazy busy, so even thinking about anything but school hasn't been possible. Anyways, a co-worker brought in a cookie recipe she made: ricotta sugar cookies! Sounds weird I know, but they were soooooooo delicious! She said that she had a bunch of ricotta cheese leftover and she wanted to use it before it went bad, so she went to and put in 'ricotta' and up popped this recipe for sugar cookies. I HATE sugar cookies (a bad experience with sugar cookie dough when I was younger), but these were great - they didn't have the usual cookie texture. They were more like a cross between a scone (a good, dense scone, not a crumbly one) and shortbread. She sprinkled some sugar on top and the added crunch was good as well...definitely going into my cookbook!

Also, on the topic of cookies - I'll be working on a cookie this weekend. I'm trying out peach oatmeal cookies, and I'm making it 6 different ways! I figure I'll just make small batches of each, and I want my friends and co-workers to try them and actually rate which ones they like best. Here are the six "factors" of my experiment:

Test 1: Peach-Oatmeal (with fresh peaches)
Test 2: Peach-Oatmeal (with frozen peaches)
Test 3: Peach-Oatmeal (with canned peaches)

After we decide which one tastes and works best (and is most cost-efficient), then I'll do the following:

Test 4: Peach-Oatmeal with raisins
Test 5: Peach-Oatmeal with white chocolate chips
Test 6: Peach-Oatmeal with raisins AND white chocolate chips

Yummy, I can't wait - I hope it works out, then I have another item for my menu! Don't worry, I'll post pics!

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