Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It's important to understand that in almost every bakery there's also an espresso machine - which attracts all sorts of people.  Here are some of my favorites:

*A man who comes in about three times a week and orders a shot-in-the-dark in his own cup ($0.25 discount people - save the mug, save the world!).  His daughter goes to a daycare on campus and one of her playmate's is a little Indian toddler named Kyrie.  Coincidentally, I used to work at that daycare and was an aid for Kyrie when she was an infant/toddler.  Anyways, since he knows how to pronounce my name, he likes to say, "How are you Kyrie?  I'll have my usual...Kyrie.  Have a good day Kyrie!"  It's cute.
*The annoying lady who came in time #1 and ordered a 16oz. espresso.  For those of you who aren't coffee educated, this is about 10 shots of espresso - or enough trembling and shaking to register on the richter scale.  I said nicely to her in the least condescending tone I could, "We usually only serve espresso in shots - we could make you a 16 oz. americano if you'd like.  It's espresso and hot water."  She happily agreed.  A week later, she shows up for time #2 and orders a 16oz. americano...non-fat.  Now, if you remember from my previous sentences an americano is espresso and WATER, which she ordered and drank.  How does non-fat fit into this equation?  It doesn't.  I repeated what I said last time about what an americano is.  She happily agreed and took her drink, and later brought it back saying this wasn't what she ordered.  She wanted espresso and milk (i.e. latte).  So I made her latte alright, but you can bet I didn't use non-fat milk.  Haha, I'm so evil!
*A very tall man with busy black eyebrows, gray hair and the best accent ever!  "I'll have a 12 oz. colombian coffee with just a little bit of room".  That's what he orders everytime he comes in, and it makes my day.  It's a deep accent, and it sounds sort of British, but more nasaly and  sophisticated (if that's possible).  I need to find out where this man is from!

Anyways, that's my baristabrat-inspired post for the day - hope you enjoyed it!

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