Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hello - it's been so long!  I have been very busy with school and work, work, work!  I have no pictures for you this time (where's my camera??), but I do have some news/updates:

1.  A couple of girls and I are having a bake sale for a friend who was diagnosed with leukemia recently.  Getting tested for bone-marrow matches is spendy, so we're going to be baking our little hearts out and selling it all at Gladstone High School's track meets on May 3rd, 15th and there!

2.  I was recently interviewed by my friend Jessica for a food blogging article in Flux magazine - and I got some pictures taken yesterday for the article too!  Be on the lookout for those :)

3.  This is the big news:


Yes, it's true!  A friend at work is getting married in August, and she wants MOI to do her cake!  I have a sampling with her next week to get down the flavors and all the little details, but I will be sure to post pics of sketches, sample cakes, etc.  I am soooooo excited!!!  I'm having her sample four cakes:

1.  Chocolate cake with chocolate gananche filling and an espresso buttercream.

2.  Tiramisu cake!  It's a light, fluffy cake with mascarpone and chocolate shavings filling, an espresso kahlua syrup and chocolate italian meringue buttercream.

3.  Raspberry chambord puree filling between a layer of white cake and cheesecake and frosted with italian meringue buttercream...yes, I said cheesecake!  The bride-to-be had this at her sister's wedding, and loved it so I'm going to give it a try...eek!

4.  Raspberry  mousse filling between a layer of white cake/cheesecake and frosted with italian meringue buttercream.  

Wish me luck...and I'll be back soon!

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Retro Bakery said...

Congratulations!! It all starts with ONE cake. :) By the way: your cookies are beautiful, too!