Sunday, May 11, 2008

I graduate in 35 days!

Oh my goodness, I am so bad at keeping updated!  Let me tell is rough going to school full-time and working full-time as well.  I cannot wait until I graduate, because then I can bake ALL THE TIME!  Except I'll be in California this summer working as a camp counselor (without a kitchen!), and then going to France and various countries for about two months (no time to bake then!)...oh my goodness, this is going to be hard.  Oh well, I will post a lot of pictures of yummy parisienne desserts and such.

So the wedding cake sampling went well, I was too flustered and short of time (and a working camera battery) to take pictures, but all the flavors were pretty good.  We'll see which one the bride picks!  I'll keep you updated.

And this last week I did a few things - cupcakes and mini-cakes.  I took pictures of two of the mini-cakes I did (which sucked), and then someone ordered one for Mother's Day and I did a GREAT job on that, but of course I didn't take a picture.  Here are the poopy ones, with bad lighting to boot:

The purple one is my first attempt at a cherry blossom tree, and the pink is my first attempt at the quilted pillow look.  As for the cupcakes, I made snickerdoodle cupcakes...a recipe I've been wanting to try for awhile.  And they turned out delicious!!!  They're cinnamon cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and I decorated them with fondant flowers and dragees.  The actual cake part of the cupcake was super moist, but almost TOO moist because it crumbled really easily (something to work on...any suggestions?).  And the frosting was to DIE FOR!  Enjoy!

I'm going to try and make cake bites (bakerella-style) again this week, as well as a cuter version of my monkey butt cupcakes.  AND, the last bake sale went really well - and I will post pictures from this one (note to self: charge camera battery!).  Adios!


Bridget said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog! I think your cherry blossom cake is so cute!

Min said...

Cute and nice swirl !

Gigi said...

Congrats on graduating! And thank you for the link to the article. You have some AWESOME cakes here! I am still in awe of the "tie-dyed" cake!