Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cupcake Fundraiser

Hey all! I'm such a bad blogger that when I logged on the other day I realized that ChefBliss tagged me in Luck/Resolutions...and it's February!!! I'm not going to tag anyone since it's so far past the new year, but here is mine!

1. That I move up in the bakery I work for so next year when the Sunnyside branch opens I can be one of the top dogs!
2. That no one comes into my work this year again and asks me to write on a cake for them lol
3. That I have more and more success with Pastel Cake & Pastry!

Resolutions made:
1. To continue to train for my first half-marathon on May 9th - I'm doing good so far!
2. To blog more consistently!
3. To have a cohesive menu for my future bakery by the end of the year.

Now for updates:

A few weeks ago, my brother's baseball team had a Crab Feed fundraiser. About 250 people showed up, and my job was to make the dessert: cupcakes! So with help from my friend Ashley and my parents, I whipped them out in no time and they were a success! Here are the pictures:

So many cupcakes! The only ones I "messed up" on were the hi-hats (above) because I didn't leave enough chocolate cupcakes to be frosted with the hi-hat buttercream (marshmallow in this case). Oh well! I ended up making these flavors: Red Velvet, Vanilla Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate, Turtle, Triple Caramel, Snickerdoodle, Hi-Hats and PB&J. I realized that I like making cupcakes a lot more than big cakes because there is a lot less pressure!
I'll be back later today with another update: vegan cupcakes!


ChefBliss.com said...

They look really scrumptious!! I love cake, cupcake, any cake type goody! Thank you for making me salivate! I hope your job is going well!!

Bridget said...

Yummy!!! I wish I had access to that cupcake table!!!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................