Thursday, February 7, 2008

So soon?

Another update!  I've been working on a few things and thought I'd share them before they got lost in my photo files forever.  I was reading Bakerella's blog and saw these adorable, little cupcakes - so I attempted to recreate them at work.  They turned out great!  The center is cake and cream cheese frosting mixed together, and they're covered in chocolate icing on the bottom and colored, melted white chocolate chips on top with nonpareils.  I was afraid they were going to be soggy because even after setting up in the fridge and freezer overnight, they were still soft.  But the taste was a dense, moist and gooey creation!  Kudos to me!  Next time I make these, the green will be flavored with mint extract and the pink with either peppermint or strawberry extract.  Enjoy!

Look at the cute little baby cake - oohzy oohzy goo goo baby.  lol that's my baby talk

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Denise said...

You must come home and bake. I want me some! yumyum.